Hello Jay! Are you ready?
Jay: Yes!
Ok! First question
•Where are you from?
Jay: I'm from Chinatown in San Francisco
•Where do you work?
Jay: I work at Kwan's interogation Agency
•Do you have a brother?
Jay:No, Tony is not my real brother but he lived in my home
•Ok Jay, tanks!
Jay: I loved part of your interview 

Hello Louie! Let's start a interview?
• What happened to your restaurant ?
Louie: Caught fire in my restaurant, was horrible
• Do you like Jay's work ?
Louie: No, I wanted him to work with me in the restaurant
• Why do you not want Tony be the owner of your restaurant ?
Louie: Because he is not a Kuan
•Ok tank you, bye!
Louie: bye!

Hey Tony! I'll start the questions
•Where you work ?
Tony: I'm a chef at The Golden Duck restaurant
•Why you lived in Jay's home ?
Tony: I could live with my aunt and my uncle in another town but I did not want to leave my friends then I began to live with Jay because we were neighbors
•How many year you lived in Jay's house?
Tony: For two years
•Ok! It's all. Bye !

Hello Harry Wu. I'll make questions
•Who are you ?
Harry Wu: I'm a San Francisco criminal
•It was you who put fire in Louie restaurant?
Harry Wu:Yes, I put fire in Louie restaurant
•Where are you from ?
Harry Wu: I'm from San Francisco in USA